Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shopping List

I was reading the paper recently that featured this artist who would foward a shopping list on to someone to buy all the items listed (items were all white, from memory, like flour, milk etc which leads me to conclude she may have been just a bit racist or trying to make a statement about racism. Not really sure). She would then present all the items as her exhibit. Fascinating. I was more fascinated by how much money she was earning then the exhibit itself. I think the figure was in the hundreds of thousands.

This leads to me to think what our shopping list would be worth (baring in mind, this list is co-written by Ben):

Vida cereal
Ben cereal
We are both fussy eaters and very particular about our cereals, which means we have our own different boxes of cereals. Something healthy for Ben and something full of sugar for me. Anyway, I digress...back to the list with no delay or any other cursory lapse into another one of my trivial ramblings. Oh, too late!
Puppy Pads
Puppy Treats
Corn Flakes (to make honey joys this weekend - yum!)
Steak (for me the meat-eater of the family)
Cucumber (to go with my steak because I don't like eating just meat)
Frozen Veg
Taco Taco (I think Ben meant to write Soft Tacos but Tacos Tacos does have more of a musical rhythm to it, plus I know what he meant because I asked him to put Soft Tacos on our shopping list because it's just so tasty)
Chicken Burgers
Hash Browns (for Ben, I don't really like Hash Browns but will occasionally eat it if I feel like being dirty)
Floor Cleaner/Eucalyptus Oil (Ben promises me that the oil makes our floor smell extra fresh. I'm not convinced)
Tissues (We run out of it so quickly in winter)
3 Chimpanzees (I suspect Ben is being facetious)

I imagine that our grocery bill will cost more than it's worth (especially taking into account all those chimpanzees).


Pete said...

hey vida, long time no post - good to have you back!

i recently read about the same artist, though i can't remember her name.. the physical receipt was exhibited, and museum employees and the like got to keep the groceries. a really interesting concept, i thought.

COODD said...

Thanks Pete!
Nice to be back :)
How's the studio coming along? Your work table looks nice.

Anonymous said...

chimpanzees are universal

Anonymous said...

ps. welcome back, me likes the writing

Too Yeah said...

ben feels dirty pretty much all the time, hence his taste for hash browns.