Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soon We Will Be Found

Just felt like doodling today. It's less messier than painting, especially in our current place, where there's not enough room for a mini studio. So, it's back to basics. It's a relief to be able to play around with ideas again and not just have them hovering in my head, like a sadly curbed minor key melody.

Clouds and raindrops have always held a deep fascination for me. The ability to be able to disperse into nothing or floating, gliding above and out of reach of everything. It reminds me of summers when my friend, Cate and I would just sit in the park and look up at the sky and clouds and guess what transformation the clouds were going to turn into next.

The drawing itself was done on butcher's paper salvaged from a housewarming present given by a friend of mine, Tobi. The HB pencil, not sure where that came from, except it has these words on it, 'cheap software! EDUCATIONSOFTWARE.COM.AU - probably a promotional pencil from somewhere, although I can't ever recall being in possession of it (must be Ben's). I'm not sufficiently bored enough to bother looking up the site, but never say never.

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