Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ce Tout

In between reading 'Hurry Down Sunshine' by Michael Greenberg and listening to Phoenix and Ladyhawke, I've finally completed the drawing I set myself up to do.

Ta da! Although, it looks like he is missing the other half of his arm and could do with a better drawn hand, not to mention that terrible depiction of a shrub, I am most surprised by the fact that I could actually render a face that looks like a face, a 'real human' face!

I am relieved that the drawing is somewhat similiar to the image I had in my mind. It has given me a little more confidence in my ability to convey imagery that comes to me, rather than have to try and assembly it using cut-up magazine and newspaper pictures, which can be quite limiting at times. Hopefully, this freedom will allow me to convey my ideas in all it's precision and entirety.

It still amazes me that I produced this, considering that the last 'serious' drawing I did was in primary school and consisted of a unicorn that looked like a very misshapen horse with oddly proportioned legs and a rotund body. I'm not sure why, but I think I stopped drawing at that point in time (unless stick figures count).

I had so much fun with this drawing, I actually did a little victory dance in the living room when it was finished.


SewHum said...

Hands are hard. The face has great character. You have to give these things a go...and well done you for posting it! Look forward to more to come

COODD said...

Thanks for the encouragement :)