Thursday, August 6, 2009


Last week, I was sitting outside alone on a park bench during my lunch break in a small walk-through between my work building and the next building. There's a few shrubs and plants, maybe to give the illusion of there being a semi-nature reserve amidst all the concrete. It's nice enough, a small oasis of calm as there isn't usually much foot traffic in this area. On this particular day, I happened to notice a suit walk past and as he was walking past he casually brushed the leaves of a plant with his finger tips, almost reverentially but casually at the same time, as if to remind himself that he was human. It was really touching. I have no idea what he was thinking at the time but I feel compelled to capture that moment.

It's easy to visualise what I want to project. The hard bit is trying to draw and fit it all into a picture. Tre difficile! Considering my complete lack of illustratory abililty, it will be a mammoth task! Oh, at times like these I curse my complete lack of drawing skills but I guess that didn't stop Henry Darger so I should stop cursing and make an attempt.

Listening to the latest Phoenix album 'Wolfgang Amadeus', hoping this will psyche me up for the challenge.

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