Sunday, October 12, 2008


This is the second design in the cushion series. I think the simplicity works well (along with the awesome drawing of the cassette tape...hehe) . I'm working on the third design at the moment which is proving to be a little more difficult.

I want to print the same designs on tea towels to co-ordinate with the cushions. So, I ordered tea towels last week, only to find out that they were no ordinary tea towels. The tea towels are super gigantic, not just a little bigger than the average tea towel, more like the size of a tablecloth. Really bizarre. Who uses gigantic tea towels? Anyway, the plan at this stage is to cut them in half, which is the easiest part. The next part is to sew them up - this is the tricky part. If all fails, I'm hoping there is a market for gigantic tea towels somewhere in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Vids

The obligatory 'It looks great' comment. It looks good completed but I still like the robot design more. But what would be awesome would be ducks.. or turtles... Separately though, not together.. Who ever heard of ducks and turtles being friends? Enough hints required? No?? Hint, hint: ducks or turtles would be the go. Preferably ducks though.. cute ducks.. I don't want my duck (yes, I'm attached to the duck already)to be hit with the ugly stick. Ugly ducks had their share of the spotlight in the Ugly Duckling.