Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gallery 1

I've recently taken to creating some of my original artwork onto canvas which seems so much nicer than having them sit idly in a folder on my computer somewhere. I find working with paints, glue and scissors so much more fun than working on the images using Photoshop. I really enjoy the actual process of constructing something by hand (old school cutting and pasting) amidst the high-tech gadgetry of everything. The messier things get the happier I become which doesn't bode well for my clothes, most of which have paint on them which tends to happen, despite the use of an art smock/shirt.

Echoes of Home

This image differs slightly to the original image saved on my computer. I fractured it as it seemed to suit the piece more. The original image was a single image with no breaks which seemed almost restrained but I think I prefer it better like this. I was having trouble sleeping during the time I created this piece and this probably had a great deal to do with the finished product. I kept having vivid images of broken mirrors and nightmarish images of ghosts and other gory/spooky scenes which is great fodder for my art work but not so great for my waking life. I'm still not sleeping well, seemingly this year is already proving to be the record year for the number of nightmares that I've had in my entire life (at last count, I'm averaging two to three a week which can't be normal) but I guess the plus side is that I'll never be short of ideas.

Along Came Tourists

It's difficult to see in this image but I painted big blue swirls in the background which gave it a different texture, almost cloud-like but still subtle. I made this image by mistake. It's actually a combination of two images, one image is of the seaport in Marseille that I took whilst travelling last year and the other image is one I did just by cutting up some pictures from random magazines. I accidentally copied the two on the photocopier and the end result was a mismash of both, which I grew to like. I'm still undecided about this piece as a whole. I don't know whether the image works quite as well in black and white as opposed to colour. I guess it's fun just experimenting sometimes.

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bamakko said...

yey for experimentation! :D lookin good V!