Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So finally my first post, which was coincidentally motivated by a training session at work about career advancement, performance review and goal setting. While I sat there pondering the topics of the powerpoint presentation and the relevance to my job, I came to the realisation that yes! this was an informative training session if only that it provided the inspiration for me to actually get a website together for all the arty things I've worked on recently. So, a big thank you to HR for inadvertantly providing me with the impetus to actually get my act together and work on goal setting, performance review and opportunities for development...ahhh, if only I could get this motivation to drive me in other aspects of my life, such as housework. Also, a big thank you to Ben of Bamakko for suggesting that I set up a blog.


bamakko said...

Woo, first comment ;)

Yay indeed! Welcome welcome welcome :D

COODD said...
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