Thursday, July 31, 2008

Like a Moth

I took these photos in the city a while back, it must have been summer as I spent most of it traipsing through the city armed with my camera, notebook and pen. I spent most of the time trying to sneak past construction workers to take shots of partially constructed buildings and rubble. Luckily for me the one time I got caught, I managed to sweet talk the lovely guy into letting me access the restricted area to get a few close-up shots.

These photos were taken in some alleyway near or around Chinatown. There was this vacant back door in a disused corner of a building with the door slightly ajar. The Nancy Drew in me couldn't walk past without having a closer look, so I pushed the door open and stepped inside. Inside was this weird epileptic light that kept flickering on and off, accompanied by a hynotic buzzing sound. I managed to get a few photos but wished I'd taken more, especially of the circular light which had a soft nightmarish quality to it.

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